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Beginning the Journey...

Your journey to healing begins with a decision. A decision to embark on a different path from the one you are on now. Caring and effective counseling and life coaching can help you succeed on your journey to become the person you want to be and have the relationships and healing you’ve hoped for.


Many are looking to treat anxiety and depression, heal personal trauma and deal with every day life issues. Your search to find a therapist doesn't have to be a long one. Connecting with a caring counselor is just a phone call away.


Types of Counseling Offered
EMDR Therapy | Trauma | DBT | Gottman | Couples' Counseling |
Family Counseling | Individual Counseling | Anxiety and Depression Treatment

Virtual or In Person Therapy Sessions

Couples Counseling  & Mentoring


Couples Counseling and Couples Marriage Counseling:

Sherri has over 20 years experience in working with couples in crisis, pre-married couples and couples who want to get their relationship on track.

Ted has been ministering and coaching men for over 20 years and as a CPA he has over 20 years financial experience.  If you are struggling with spiritual issues, lack of balance in your life, poor time management, job loss, career dissatisfaction, or financial instability, please contact Ted and let him help you overcome what ever is preventing you from accomplishing your goals or dreams.    

Individual Counseling



Anxiety & Panic Attacks​

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Bi-Polar Disorder​

Career Coaching​

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)​

Abuse and Trauma Recovery



Sexual Addiction (Male or Female)​

Women’s Issues​

Men’s Issues​


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